Adding CSS into CodeIgniter View

To add a css we have to follow these steps:

• define general css that used. Open “config.php” within directory CodeIgniter\system\application\config.

• Add following code. The line posisi is up to you. I add at last line before ?>

$config[‘css’] = ‘style.css’;

• Create a file named mystyles.css within root application: \CodeIgniter\.

• Enter example code like this:

/* CSS Document */



margin:0 auto;

background: #333333 url(../images/header.gif) repeat-x;

font: normal 16px ‘SolaimanLipi’, ‘Verdana’, ‘Times New Roman’;


input{ font: normal 100% ‘SolaimanLipi’, ‘Verdana’, ‘Times New Roman’;




select {font: normal 100% ‘SolaimanLipi’, ‘Verdana’, ‘Times New Roman’;}



margin:0 auto;

width:100%; height:59px;











background:url(../images/votebd_admin_logo.png) no-repeat;



Open controller file named “districtList.php” within CodeIgniter\system\application\controllers. Add bold lines from following code:



$table = “district_list”;

$this->load->model(‘Votebd_model’,”, TRUE);

$data[‘base’] = $this->config->item(‘base_url’);

$data[‘css’] = $this->config->item(‘css’);

$data[‘query’] = $this->Votebd_model->getSelectAllSQL($table);

$this->load->view(‘admin/districtlist_view’, $data);




Then, update “districtlist_view.php” within CodeIgniter\system\application\views\admin. Update , like this:

<head><link rel=”stylesheet” type=”text/css” href=”<?php echo “$base/$css”?>”></head>

And within add class=”adminlist” into table tag:

<TABLE class=”adminlist” WIDTH=”97%” BGCOLOR=”#e9ecef” BORDER=”1″ CELLSPACING=”0″ CELLPADDING=”1″ align=”center”>

<TR align=”center”>

<TH width=”4%”>নং</TH>

<TH width=”3%” align=”center”> </TH>

<TH width=”33%”>জেলার নাম</TH>

<TH width=”60%”>জেলা বর্ণনা</TH>



Point your browser to http://localhost/CodeIgniter/index.php/admin/districtlist. My view now look like this:



7 Responses

  1. It seems you have given the solution for only a single CSS file.. what abt multiple CSS … or JS or FLASH files and image files…

    I think this will come more handy…

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  3. Thank you for sharing.

    I’d recommend to use valid XHTML code.

    I made a home based solution for multiple .css files using an array. In a header file check if $data[‘css’] is a single string or an array. If it is an array, I iterate through each item to render the tag …

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