National ICT Policy

The ICT sector of Bangladesh is one of the fastest growing sectors of its economy.
The Government of Bangladesh is very positive for development of ICT and
declared this sector as “the trust sector”. Realizing the importance of ICT, the name
of the Ministry has been changed from “Ministry of Science and Technology” to the
“Ministry of Science and Information & Communication Technology. Also the
Government has set up the 15-member ICT Task Force headed by the Prime
Minister stating the aim to harness and utilize the immense potentialities of ICT for
the overall welfare of Bangladesh. The Government has set up the ICT policy with
the following objectives:
• Promote and facilitate use of ICT in all sectors of the economy for
transparency, good governance and efficiency improvement.
• Develop a large pool of world-class ICT professionals to meet the needs of
local and global markets.
• Promote use of ICT by providing special allocations for ICT project
implementation in the public sector. Train the decision makers in ICT use and
promote an ICT culture.
• Provide effective incentives for development of ICT sector to both local and
foreign entrepreneurs.
• Develop an efficient ICT infrastructure that provides open access to
international and national networks.
• Establish legislative and regulatory framework for ICT issues like IPR, data
security and protection, digital signature, e-Commerce, ICT education etc. as
well as to ensure quality ICT education provided by different private
• Set up national databases that are reliable and easily accessible to all the
people of the country.
• Set up an ICT organization at the highest level to continuously promote and
foster ICT Industry.
• Enact Laws and Regulations for uninterrupted growth of ICT, in conformity
with World Trade Organization (WTO) stipulations.


Bangladesh Computer Samity (BCS)


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