Develop E-learning web using CodeIgniter

As a part of my thesis work I have to develop an E-learning website using CodeIgniter. My thesis work is on implementing CaSA (Classroom and Student Achievement Assessment) framework to enhance learning quality and attraction faster in Bangladesh. This E-learning framework is already implemented in University of Cincinnat successfully. It matching teachers goals and course objectives with student learning and expectations in a smarter way. It improve in-classroom learning and post classroom computer based review and instruction by prompt student achievement assessment and classroom teaching evaluation both within the classroom and through student self-study with material. While working I face some problems which I wanna share with all.

Like other learning management system it also do all required jobs but on its own ways. CaSA is an internet-based, client-server system that will augment the classroom session by allowing the students to annotate instructional streams for personalized review, take notes, and provide real-time feedback to the instructor via a networked computer. The system collects student and instructor activities into a timed sequence both in the classroom and when students review class instructional streams. By unobtrusively recording these activities as timed, synchronized events, CaSA creates a data trail that links final outcomes to specific student and instructor activities. This rich collection of activity data can be mined to gain a better understanding of when and how learning occurs and what can be done to improve it.

There are three major area of learning system – Assessment, Classroom Technology and Student Learning. Here I discuss problems step by step:

admin panel


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  1. hello, screenshot admin panel was great, can i try or download your codeigniter e-learning apps. i still learn codeigniter and i also try another application codeigniter to improve my skill. so please can i download your application


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