Bill Gates Retired from Microsoft

As he said earlier Bill Gates Retired last day at 27th June, 2008 from Microsoft as active one(full time) after 33 years of strong growth and controversy. He still is the chairman of Microsoft. People waits to see The Microsofts future without Bill gates. Because he is the cofounder of the organization and carry this organization one of the worlds top most IT firms with his intellectuality and creativity. Now he wanna spend more time with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, a philanthropic organization that has given more than $16.5 billion in grants worldwide.

He is known as the person who pushed the computer industry to unprecedented success with his goal of a PC in every home. But in 33 years of building Microsoft, Gates has also been characterized by some as a merciless competitor and a monopolist, and even accused of appropriating other people’s ideas.

Bill Gates works:

Starting in 1980, Gates turned an obscure operating system called QDOS into MS-DOS. IBM paid for the development but didn’t retain the rights to MS-DOS. ates supplied MS-DOS and later Windows to thousands of entrepreneurs who assembled PCs with off-the-shelf parts and sold them for much less than IBM.

Along the way, Gates added other software, sometimes buying out competitors or adding their features as Microsoft Office and other software programs grew to dominate the industry. Some claimed the Windows code was manipulated to cripple competitors, and that became an issue in the company’s antitrust battles along with Microsoft taking over the Internet browser market by making Internet Explorer free.

The European Union has also objected to Microsoft’s tactics, leading to some changes in the company’s behavior toward competitors.

Last day he got a tearful farewell from Microsoft and charge handover to Steve Ballmer.



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