More Information on CodeIgniter

CodeIgniter is developed by the company Of ellisLab, and also by Rick by Ellis (Rick Of ellis) and by Paul [Burdikom] (Paul Of burdick).

Usually they separate from its special features:

* the support of versions PHP4 and PHP5.
* model MVC (Model-View-Controller).
* database maintenance Of mySQL, PostgreSQL, MSSQL, SQLite, Oracle.
* the well designed documentation on the Engl. language with examples.
* it is very rapid in the work. In this sense – standard of speed and an example for the imitation.

The resources, where you can get basic information about this product:

CMS developed by CodeIgniter:

Applications to CodeIgniter see by the open code:

Authentication Libraries of CodeIgniter:






Some more Tutorials:


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  1. ): Thanks a lot….

  2. thnx a lot

  3. Could you plz provide me the

    “Some more Tutorials:” Section in English lang…
    becoz i could not understand theses.

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