How To Create A WAP Or Mobile Friendly Website

Mobile websites are specifically designed for viewing on Mobile Devices such as Mobile Phones. Wanna create a WAP or mobile friendly website? No probs, there are several mobile website builder who will help you to create your own site.

Site Description
mobiSiteGalore is a web-based free mobile website builder that enables even novice users to quickly and easily build full-featured mobile websites that work consistently on any mobile phone. mobiSiteGalore achieves this by being fully in compliance with W3C’s mobile web best practices 1.0 document. Websites built using mobiSiteGalore are guaranteed to score 5 out of 5 in dotMobi’s test. With mobiSiteGalore, users can start building websites with no technical know-how, no prior experience building websites and best of all no software to download or install. mobiSiteGalore was launched on October 31, 2007. And has so far released 5 new versions in just 5 months. mobiSiteGalore today has more than 18,000 free users worldwide. mobiSiteGalore allows users to enable mobile commerce on their website by integrating Paypal, Google Checkout & Bango. Users can also monetize their website traffic by adding Google Adsense & Admob which are fully integrated in mobiSiteGalore.
Wirenode Wirenode which is a tool to create mobile Websites. It took about five minutes for anyone to create a mobile version of any website. User took the RSS feed, plugged it in, changed the name and clicked publish. It’s currently running on their .mobi domain but also can set it up to use anything the user want. You can create mobile websites with multiple pages, Create a simple demo page with one click, Include your images, Include images from Google Image Search, Create a table of content page, and Include simple widget on your page.
Mastering Grails Grails is a modern Web development framework that mixes familiar Java technologies like Spring and Hibernate with contemporary practices like convention over configuration. Written in Groovy, Grails give you seamless integration with your legacy Java code while adding the flexibility and dynamism of a scripting language. After you learn Grails, you’ll never look at Web development the same way again.
Tutorial This is a simple 5 minutes tutorial about How you can Create a Mobile friendly site or in technical jargon – WAP site for your website, blog and even forum.
Wapple Canvas™ Zest On 31 March 2008 Wapple proudly announce the launch of the next generation of mobile website building tools, Wapple Canvas™ Zest, which has all the features and power of its predecessor but with enhanced UI design and feature sets that suit different vertical markets.Wapple Canvas™ Zest is a perfect mobile internet platform for Business owners, mobile advertising, mobile commerce, mobile content stores, and news and information services.

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