Cyworld 3D launched officially

Cyworld 3D, dubbed Cyworld Mini Life, officially launched on 2008/07/09. Cyworld Mini Life users (who are represented by 3-D avatars) can chat with others, purchase virtual items, and decorate their Mini Life rooms.

It seems all the existing minihompy users are given a new Mini Life, if they choose to have one. Cyworld Mini Life runs on a minihompy-sized screen, meaning the service doesn’t use the full screen real estate as Second Life does.

For the time being, Cyworld Mini Life is Windows/IE only – it asks user to download and install an Active X program, meaning the service does not support Firefox or other non-IE browsers yet.

사용자 삽입 이미지
사용자 삽입 이미지

There’s an onine video that introduces Cyworld 3D, which looks quite interesting – but I can’t embed the video here as it’s embeddable only on, guess where, Cyworld minihompy.

But the news of the Cyworld 3D suddenly became a tad less exciting, after a host of new announcements made overnight by Google and IBM. Google announced Lively, which lets site owners to design and embed their own 3-D virtual rooms; IBM and Second Life announced 3-D virtual world interoperability.



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