Collaborative Bangla book authoring project on PHP

Hello Mates,

On behalf of PHPExpertGroup Hasin Hayder already start a project named “Collaborative book authoring project on PHP” where everyone of you (those who are interested) will write a Bangla book on PHP together on a collaborative manner. You can contribute on whatever way you want, suggestions, part of chapters, corrections, proofs, screen shots or anything else basically are needed to compose a book.

So we will write this book in Unicode, once finished it will be considered as a milestone for PHP developers in Bangladesh (You doubt that? ) and I am sure, it will be considered as one of the precise source to learn PHP for academicians. This project will mainly stand as a flagship product of collaborative authoring (which is not a new term in Bangladesh, specially to you, after the tremendous success of wikipedia) – This is a completely voluntary work, no money involved and there is no business. Its for us and by us, a gift for the enthusiast developers. And you know, if taught properly, PHP is an excellent language to work on.

No matter how long time it would take, dont worry about that. Contribute very small amount of your leisure time and write some small stuffs for this project. Very soon it will be a great product for our PHP developers.
Those who are interested in this project (as a well wisher and contributor) write down your names here and your gmail username – he will add you as a collaborator and send you the access to write. You can send your suggestions and that will also be a big help. And if you are not interested, fine, no problem at all.

Thanks again for your great work, patience and passion.

I already join the phpbook project group. If you have any interest please visit our phpexpertgroup by Click This Link.


2 Responses

  1. Hi you guys had a wonderful idea to work with sure ill contribute to your work though myself not an expert in PHP but i believe that i can contribute some thing worth full to you.Mail me the procedure thanks in advance ..

  2. its a great idea.even im in a need of a good bangla book on php.i will try my best to contribute.

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