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Technology is the hot topics in the world. It gives spirit to the modern world. Todays human thought also technology based. We saw huge large IT firms developed based on technology. This era leads quick speedy communication through internet. So, now a days thousands of websites publish daily which helps us in a different ways.

One year ago Bangla language entered in IT sector. It started vast spread of our mother tongue in the global ITC world. Some ISP company works to give us internet facility and some companies published different types of web sites in Bangla language. SomewhereinBlog is the worlds first and big Bangla Blogging platform. is a scientific website to spread science in Bangladesh. Biborton is a Bangla literature based web site.

Recently a website developed in Bangla language totally based on technology named Techtunes. This new blogging platform is made by WordPress. It already enlisted as an International website for its attractive design which brings rewarding to us. It published some necessary and important tunes daily. Some active tuner tunes on technological informations here daily. You can go through all from Techtunes Home page. Now it has published 227 tunes. Techtunes gives welcome to everyone to tune into this site. You can register easily by clicking here and start tunning on recent technology. So, lets start happy tunning…..


One Response

  1. Hi, this is Sajib. Formally known as Aminul Islam. Thanks for the nice post. Thanks again for including the link of Biborton into your post.

    I like techtunes too. Techtunes panel called me and took me as a contributor writer for their site. Click here to read my tunes.

    By the way, can I have my blog url enlisted into your blogroll?

    Aminul Islam,
    Chief Editor, Biborton Bangla.

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