Some Employee Testing Services

Wanna Quickly Identify the Best Candidates

Pre-Employment Testing – Do you have so many applicants that it’s hard to isolate the best candidates before they are no longer available? Is your recruiting staff overwhelmed with resumes and applications? Online pre-employment assessments can help you sort the “A” candidates from the rest of the pack before you invest your precious time.

Some company who help you to pre employment testing are given below:

Expert Rating:

ExpertRating is a leader in Online Certification and Employment Testing and offers an affordable and efficient way for people to prove their expertise in over 200 widely accepted online certifications. ExpertRating Employment Testing solutions have been chosen by hundreds of leading employers to quickly and efficiently identify the right talent for the right positions.


Offering online skills certification to help individuals and employers validate, screen, and identify qualifications.

Result Resource

Result Resources is an integrated management and technology consulting company that specializes in providing clients with the tools, services, and technologies essential to achieving success.

Kenexa Prove It!
Online testing site to evaluate programming and technical computer skills.

Work Skills First
Provides internet-based personnel and employment applicant screening tests to employers.

Hire Success
Offers industry and job specific employee testing software.

Provides web-based software to help recruiters attract and select IT and engineering professionals quickly, easily, and inexpensively.

Merit Bay
Offers IT skill tests online for programming languages and administrative software.
Offers Web, LAN, and PC based testing and test authoring multimedia tools capable of exchanging tests and e-learning objects.

Automated job interview software using integrated web and telephony technology to quickly screen applicants.

Precise Hire

Precise Hire provides employment screening and background checks helping companies make same day employment screening decisions.

Corra Group

Providers of customized background checks and pre-employment screening services.

Nobscot Corporation

Offers online exit interviews and employment screening for improving retention and reducing staff turnover.


Offering background verification, drug screening, skills testing, and behavioral assessment tools.

Censeo Corporation

Offers online testing and assessment as well as human resource consulting.


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