Tomorrow is my fathr’s first death anniversary

Milad mahfil in Kulkhani 2007

Milad mahfil in Kulkhani was held at the Uttara residence - 27 September 2007

On 18 September 2007, he got brain hemorrhaged and carried out in United Hospital for treatment. On 24 September 2007, 11th Ramadan Monday – my father died at the age of 68 after sufferings there. I think he is a best father in the planet. He was like a saint. He loves everyone in the earth and always tries to help others. He is the only one male who loves me very much. My father had many admirable qualities. And what he achieved over his lifetime was considerable, more than what many of us, myself included, could imagine for ourselves. But, of course, as a daughter the memories that stand out for me are of a different kind. In the end, for those closest to him, it is the daily memories that are the most vivid. We pray to Almighty Allah for the peace of his departures soul.


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  1. May Allah give him good place in heaven… Ameen

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