MesaSQLite for working with sqlite3 in Macbook


MesaSQLite is a tool design for sqlite3 in Macbook as phpmyadmin works for mysql. MesaSQLite makes creating, designing, and altering an SQLite3 database easy. We also use it to edit, summarize, and analyze data for ourselves and clients. Although we build new databases most days, we spend more of our time viewing and editing data.MesaSQLite uses the SQLite3 database engine. Here is an overview of MesaSQLite features:
1. Connections
2. Structure
3. Viewing and Editing Content
4. Special Queries
5. Forerign Keys
6. Exporting and Importing Data
Mac OS X 10.2 or later



Solve application hanging problem in Macbook

While working suddenly firefox browser became hang. Even there was no way to go to another tab. The program was not responding. So I solved the problem in following ways:
1. Click on Finder icon in taskbar
2. Go to System->applications->Utilities
3. Click on Activity Monitor and select on the tasks which are not responding
4. click ‘Quit process’ and finally close the window.

How to install Bangla font in macbook for Firefox

Ekushey provide the first Unicode Bangla solution for    Mac OS X.   page link is

Download and install font from the link.

Set Microsoft keyboard shortcut in Macbook

This post is for windows users who switch to Macbook recent and wanna use previous keyboard shortcut as soon as possible. Should be follow the steps:
1. Click on System Preference in taskbar
2. click on keyboard and mouse icon
3. click on modifier keys
4. set Control(^) key to command
5. click OK to finish the job
Now u can work as easily. No need to change behavior. Happy programing.