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I am Afruj Jahan. Just starting my blog at February 06, 2008. I think developers are one king of artists who always happy with their work.

The Magic of thinking big: you are what you think you are: A dynamic developers overview

This is the seventh discussion in a book review series on The Magic of Thinking Big by David J. Schwartz, which focuses on setting goals high and achieving success.

I was intrigued by how you can be what you think you are. People behave around people. When some people greet, Some receive a kind of treatment while others are treated very differently. Another observation opened up by David is how people command confidence and respect while others do not.

Look Important

Whenever you look at a office executive, you see that he commands respect from all his staff. Whenever you look at a bum on the street, you think he has no future. Why is that? It’s because of appearance. “First Impressions Lasts”, is a slogan by Axe Cologne is a very honest description.Your appearance will be the first thing to communicate who you are, even before you have spoken a word.

Dress Right and Look Important!

Think Your Work Is Important

There’s a story often told about the job attitudes of three bricklayers. It’s a classic, so let’s go over it again.

When asked, “What are you doing?” the first bricklayer replied, “Laying brick.” The second answered, “Making $9.30 and hour” And the third said, “Me? Why, I’m building the world’s greatest cathedral.”

Who do you think would work at his best capacity? Let me answer that for you. The third bricklayer. He sees his job as a very important one that will help in building a very important project. He will do his best because he knows that it is part something much bigger. Now, try thinking of your job as a job that helps the company move progressively. Doesn’t it put things in a different light?

Give Yourself a Pep Talk

The author recommends creating a sell yourself to yourself commercial. This commercial would sum up your assets and your points of superiority.

This is something I do every time I go for an interview or go on a sales meeting. I tell myself that I am someone important. I have skills unique from everyone. I have intelligence unique to anyone. I don’t have to be shy. I don’t have to fear the other person. I haven’t gone to that extent of writing a “Thorpe Obazee 60-second commercial” but mine works.

Upgrade your thinking

This part of the section sums up what to ask yourself in different situations.

When you worry, ask yourself, Would and important person worry bout this?

When reading, ask yourself, Would an important person be reading this?

When losing your temper, ask yourself, Would an important person get mad at what I’m mad at?

Ultimately, you should ask yourself in every situation, Is this the way an important person does it?

What then is Creative Thinking?

creative thinking is simply finding new, improved ways to do anything. A parent who finds way to budget his money in order to buy a house in the next five years is thinking creatively. A person who builds a business from scratch is thinking creatively. A salesperson who finds a way to double his sales is thinking creatively.

Believe it can be done

In order to think and dream creatively, you must be open to new ideas. Believe that nothing is impossible. Make a shift of belief and you’ll think of creative ways to prove that you’re right.

Becoming an experimental person can pay off in a lot of ways. You can consume less time by using one method and you can consume more time using another. Some methods drain you physically and some ways do not. Still, there is no best method to do any task. With this in mind, you always have room to think of how to improve the present way of doing things.

Asking and Listening

Big people monopolize the listening
Small people monopolize the talking

*You dont need to compare yourself with your colleagues. How well you are doing depends on your personal goals and objectives.

*You also need to take into account your personal style, your discipline, and the environment in which you are working for to determine how effective your working actually is.

* This evaluation process can be enhanced by obtaining frequent feedback. Self-monitoring is best way for this kind of evaluation.

n order to be successful you have to act like a sponge. Top leaders in many organizations spend time listening and requesting advice from other people. Why is this? It’s because leaders make decisions by manufacturing thoughts and ideas of others. While it is not a good approach to expect ready-made solutions, ideas of others will help spark one’s ideas for more creativity.

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