Tomorrow is my fathr’s first death anniversary

Milad mahfil in Kulkhani 2007

Milad mahfil in Kulkhani was held at the Uttara residence - 27 September 2007

On 18 September 2007, he got brain hemorrhaged and carried out in United Hospital for treatment. On 24 September 2007, 11th Ramadan Monday – my father died at the age of 68 after sufferings there. I think he is a best father in the planet. He was like a saint. He loves everyone in the earth and always tries to help others. He is the only one male who loves me very much. My father had many admirable qualities. And what he achieved over his lifetime was considerable, more than what many of us, myself included, could imagine for ourselves. But, of course, as a daughter the memories that stand out for me are of a different kind. In the end, for those closest to him, it is the daily memories that are the most vivid. We pray to Almighty Allah for the peace of his departures soul.

Crap Cleaner

Wanna remove unused files from your system? You can use Crap Cleaner – which allowing Windows to run faster and freeing up valuable hard disk space by removing unused files from your system. It also cleans traces of your online activities such as your Internet history. Additionally it contains a fully featured registry cleaner. This software does NOT contain any Spyware, Adware or Viruses. It cleans Temporary files, URL history, cookies, Autocomplete form history, index.dat files from Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Windows, Registry cleaner, Third-party applications.

New features of Crap Cleaner:

– Optimized startup and closing of application.
– Improved Registry cleaning on 64-bit OS.
– Improved memory usage on Windows Vista.
– Added System Tray icon status.
– Internal refactoring of code for efficiency.
– Improved Uninstall Tool accuracy with MSI installers.
– Fixed bug in Uninstall Tool on 64-bit OS.
– Fixed bug in INI file folder recursion.
– Fixed bug in INI file OS detection.
– Added Live Messenger cleaning for .SQM files.
– Added Vietnamese translation.
– Minor tweaks and improvements.

To download Crap Cleaner then click here.

Some Employee Testing Services

Wanna Quickly Identify the Best Candidates

Pre-Employment Testing – Do you have so many applicants that it’s hard to isolate the best candidates before they are no longer available? Is your recruiting staff overwhelmed with resumes and applications? Online pre-employment assessments can help you sort the “A” candidates from the rest of the pack before you invest your precious time.

Some company who help you to pre employment testing are given below:

Expert Rating:

ExpertRating is a leader in Online Certification and Employment Testing and offers an affordable and efficient way for people to prove their expertise in over 200 widely accepted online certifications. ExpertRating Employment Testing solutions have been chosen by hundreds of leading employers to quickly and efficiently identify the right talent for the right positions.


Offering online skills certification to help individuals and employers validate, screen, and identify qualifications.

Result Resource

Result Resources is an integrated management and technology consulting company that specializes in providing clients with the tools, services, and technologies essential to achieving success.

Kenexa Prove It!
Online testing site to evaluate programming and technical computer skills.

Work Skills First
Provides internet-based personnel and employment applicant screening tests to employers.

Hire Success
Offers industry and job specific employee testing software.

Provides web-based software to help recruiters attract and select IT and engineering professionals quickly, easily, and inexpensively.

Merit Bay
Offers IT skill tests online for programming languages and administrative software.
Offers Web, LAN, and PC based testing and test authoring multimedia tools capable of exchanging tests and e-learning objects.

Automated job interview software using integrated web and telephony technology to quickly screen applicants.

Precise Hire

Precise Hire provides employment screening and background checks helping companies make same day employment screening decisions.

Corra Group

Providers of customized background checks and pre-employment screening services.

Nobscot Corporation

Offers online exit interviews and employment screening for improving retention and reducing staff turnover.


Offering background verification, drug screening, skills testing, and behavioral assessment tools.

Censeo Corporation

Offers online testing and assessment as well as human resource consulting.

CMS for develop Shopping Cart

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Shopping carts are popular web applications that enable your customers to add products to a “basket” or cart as they navigate around your site. They calculate all product, shipping and tax totals automatically for the customer.

If you wish to use your own custom shopping cart following CMS will help you:

Name Description Cost
Buy Buttons Buy Buttons is available free within the eCOM Standard and Premium accounts and is ideal for the merchant selling a small number of items. It provides a simple “add to cart” facility for any web site. Add Buy Buttons to your pages within minutes. Includes various shipping and tax calculations. Free with eCOM Standard and Premium
osCommerce osCommerce is an “open source” e-commerce solution under ongoing development by the open source community. It does require some technical expertise to get up and running.

osCommerce is written completely in PHP and uses the MySQL Database.

Free (Open Source)
Zen Cart Zen Cart is an “open source” e-commerce solution under ongoing development by the open source community. It does require some technical expertise to get up and running.

Zen Cart is written completely in PHP and uses the MySQL Database.

Free (Open Source)
Virtuemart VirtueMart is the leading Online-Shop solution for Joomla! & Mambo (more than 1.5 Million downloads so far). VirtueMart is free! You can download, use and modify it without any restrictions (License: GNU/GPL) – just as Joomla.

VirtueMart is no stand-alone script, but a Plug-in and requires the PHP Content Management System Joomla! (or Mambo). So you must install Joomla first, then VirtueMart.

Free (Open Source)
QuickCart Shopping Cart Store Builder –™ is a fully hosted shopping cart and e-commerce store builder that will instantly add shopping carts to any web site.
Use the shopping cart store builder software to build your shopping cart quickly.
CubeCart A free 100% template driven ecommerce script requiring hosting with PHP & MySQL support used by over a million stores world wide. V3 Free, or V4 $129.95 plus US$89.95 to remove copyright notices.
Actinic One of the UK’s most well-known shopping cart systems. It is a Perl based system, and requires CGI capabilities on your server.

The shop is built offline using the Actinic software, and then the exported HTML files and scripts are simply uploaded to your server. The system does allow design control for those with knowledge of HTML, and comprehensive shipping and tax options.

£399 Catalog Version, £799 Business Version
ClickCartPro ClickCartPro is full featured web based shopping cart software, with 200 functions. Search Engine Optimized (SEO) out of the box, 100% standards compliant output using XHTML Strict code and CSS. Accessibility compliance under WAI levels 1 and 2. Software £159.99, Hosted version from £499.99
JShop Server JShop server is a PHP and MySQL database driven shopping cart application, which is installed on your own server. It is designed for the fairly advanced user – and is therefore not recommended for beginners. It does boast a large range of features such as customer accounts, wishlists, address books, order history, full order management, template driven design, gift certificates, discounts, advanced pricing, stock control, import/export, newsletter management, dispatching, receipt printing, customisable emails, full multiple language support, full multiple currency support and many more. From £200 for a single site; Developer version £800
Mal’s e-commerce This is a simple, full featured shopping cart with access to all the important features that are required to start selling goods and services on the internet. You will need the paid version, the Premium account, in order to connect to SecureHosting for your payments. US$96 per year
Virtualshop3 Virtualshop3 is a shopping cart that requires no previous experience or knowledge of HTML. It is flexible enough to cope with just about any product range.

Virtualshop3 is written completely in Javascript.

Shop Maker Shop Maker is the complete solution for selling online. It comes complete with front end catalog and ordering system and backend shop, product and order management. Visit the website for a complete overview of this powerful system. £30 per month
X Cart X-Cart is template based software with open source code. This means you can modify look & feel and functionality of the shopping cart the way you need should you require any business specific features. It does require some technical expertise to get up and running.

X Cart is written completely in PHP and uses the MySQL Database.

US$ 199

Amader Projukti pass one year

Bangla technology based website Amader Projukti started in 9th September 2007. Today is the birthday of Amader Projukti. So, happy birthday to Amader Projukti. Thanks goes to Amader Projukti Team for their continuous effort. We are proud of it as it plays important role to spread science and technological knowledge in Bangladesh with our mother tongue.

Bangla Technological website – Techtunes

Technology is the hot topics in the world. It gives spirit to the modern world. Todays human thought also technology based. We saw huge large IT firms developed based on technology. This era leads quick speedy communication through internet. So, now a days thousands of websites publish daily which helps us in a different ways.

One year ago Bangla language entered in IT sector. It started vast spread of our mother tongue in the global ITC world. Some ISP company works to give us internet facility and some companies published different types of web sites in Bangla language. SomewhereinBlog is the worlds first and big Bangla Blogging platform. is a scientific website to spread science in Bangladesh. Biborton is a Bangla literature based web site.

Recently a website developed in Bangla language totally based on technology named Techtunes. This new blogging platform is made by WordPress. It already enlisted as an International website for its attractive design which brings rewarding to us. It published some necessary and important tunes daily. Some active tuner tunes on technological informations here daily. You can go through all from Techtunes Home page. Now it has published 227 tunes. Techtunes gives welcome to everyone to tune into this site. You can register easily by clicking here and start tunning on recent technology. So, lets start happy tunning…..

Firefox add-on maps the sites you visit

Shazou is a Firefox add-on created by Chuck Durham at Seisan that goes one step further by showing the location of the site’s server on a map that pops up when you click its icon in the bottom-right corner of the browser window.

Shazou mapping add-on for Firefox

The Shazou add-on for Firefox shows the location of the current site’s server on a map.

Click either the “GeoIP: Server Location” or “WhoIs: Domain Owner” buttons to show this information in a small pop-up. The locations are also shown via icons on the map that Shazou generates. You can pan the map, or zoom it in and out (which is a handy feature for when the server and registrant are not located near each other) or switch to either a satellite view or a hybrid combining satellite and street views.

The add-on throws in a Submit as Phishing Site button, but when you click this, you see a pop-up window saying only “Submission Successful–Thank You.” It couldn’t show any information on the vendor’s site about what happens to these submissions. It also noticed that on the download page the add-on appears not to work with the most recent versions of Firefox 3.

Shazou can’t match the CallingID toolbar’s ability to show the domain registrant’s location at a glance, nor do users get a color-coded indication of the site’s security rating. What users do get is a series of Google ads at the bottom of the map, but the ads are unobtrusive.

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