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Hello Academy  provide free web design tutorials in bangali language.  Anybody who doesn’t have any programming language knowledge can now develop web site easily with those tutorials. Here I add those YouTube links step by steps:

Basic web design:

1. গল্পে গল্পে ওয়েব ডিজাইনের ১ম পর্ব (ওয়েব ডিজাইনের শুরুর গল্প)

2. গল্পে গল্পে ওয়েব ডিজাইনের ২য় পর্ব (ওয়েব ডিজাইনের হাতেখড়ি-১ )

3. গল্পে গল্পে ওয়েব ডিজাইনের ৩য় পর্ব (ওয়েব ডিজাইনের হাতেখড়ি-১ )

4.গল্পে গল্পে ওয়েব ডিজাইনের ৪থ পর্ব (ওয়েব ডিজাইনের হাতেখড়ি-২ )

5.গল্পে গল্পে ওয়েব ডিজাইনের ৫ম পর্ব (ওয়েব ডিজাইনের হাতেখড়ি-৩ )

6.গল্পে গল্পে ওয়েব ডিজাইনের ৬ষঠ পর্ব (কমেন্টস এর গল্প )

7.গল্পে গল্পে ওয়েব ডিজাইনের ৭ম পর্ব (রেস্পন্সিভ এর গল্প )

PSD to HTML Basic:

8. গল্পে গল্পে ওয়েব ডিজাইনের ৮ম পর্ব (Psd to Html করার সাহসী গল্প part-1)

9. গল্পে গল্পে ওয়েব ডিজাইনের ৯ম পর্ব (Psd to Html করার সাহসী গল্প part-2)

10. গল্পে গল্পে ওয়েব ডিজাইনের ১০ম পর্ব (Psd to Html করার সাহসী গল্প part-3)

11. গল্পে গল্পে ওয়েব ডিজাইনের ১১তম পর্ব (Psd to Html করার সাহসী গল্প part-4)

12. গল্পে গল্পে ওয়েব ডিজাইনের ১২তম পর্ব (Psd to Html করার সাহসী গল্প part-5)

13. গল্পে গল্পে ওয়েব ডিজাইনের ১৩তম পর্ব (Psd to Html করার সাহসী গল্প part-6)

14. গল্পে গল্পে ওয়েব ডিজাইনের ১৪ তম পর্ব (রেস্পন্সিভ part-7)

Bootstrap basic:

১/ বুটিসট্র্যাপ বেসিক টিউটোরিয়াল ১ম পর্ব (প্রাথমিক ধারণা)

২/ বুটিসট্র্যাপ বেসিক টিউটোরিয়াল ২য় পর্ব (ড্রপডাউন মেন্যু)

৩/ বুটিসট্র্যাপ বেসিক টিউটোরিয়াল ৩য় পর্ব (স্লাইডার)

৪/ বুটিসট্র্যাপ বেসিক টিউটোরিয়াল ৪র্থ পর্ব (accordion)

Web Design Advance with Bootstrap-PSD to HTML with Bootastrap:

১/ বুটিসট্র্যাপ দিয়ে PSD to HTML (১ম পর্ব)

২/ বুটিসট্র্যাপ দিয়ে PSD to HTML (২য় পর্ব)

৩/ বুটিসট্র্যাপ দিয়ে PSD to HTML (৩য় পর্ব)

৪/ বুটিসট্র্যাপ দিয়ে PSD to HTML (৪র্থ পর্ব)

৫/ বুটিসট্র্যাপ দিয়ে PSD to HTML (৫ম পর্ব)

৬/ বুটিসট্র্যাপ দিয়ে PSD to HTML (৬ষ্ঠ পর্ব)

৭/ বুটিসট্র্যাপ দিয়ে PSD to HTML (৭ম পর্ব)

৮/ বুটিসট্র্যাপ দিয়ে PSD to HTML (৮ম পর্ব)

৯/ বুটিসট্র্যাপ দিয়ে PSD to HTML (৯ম পর্ব)

১০/ বুটিসট্র্যাপ দিয়ে PSD to HTML (১০ম পর্ব)

১১/ বুটিসট্র্যাপ দিয়ে PSD to HTML (১১তম পর্ব)

১২/ বুটিসট্র্যাপ দিয়ে PSD to HTML (১২তম পর্ব)

jQuery basic:

1/জেকুএরির ১ম পর্ব

2/জেকুএরির ২য় পর্ব

3/জেকুএরির ৩য় পর্ব

4/জেকুএরির ৪থ পর্ব

5/জেকুএরির ৫ম পর্ব

6/জেকুএরির ৬ষঠ  পর্ব

 7/জেকুএরির ৭ম  পর্ব

PHP Basic:

১/ PHP ১ম পর্ব (Introduction)

২/ PHP ২য় পর্ব (Data Types & Variables)

৩/ PHP ৩য় পর্ব (Arithmatic Operatos)

৪/ PHP ৪র্থ পর্ব (Assignment operator)

৫/ PHP ৫ম পর্ব (Logical Operator-1)

৬/ PHP ৬ষ্ঠ পর্ব (Logical Operator-2)

৭ / PHP ৭ম পর্ব (Index Array)

৮/ PHP ৮ম পর্ব (Associative Array)

৯/ PHP ৯ম পর্ব (Multidimensional Array)

১০/ PHP ১০ম পর্ব (For loop)

১১/ PHP ১১তম পর্ব (While loop)

১২ / PHP ১২তম পর্ব (Foreach loop)

How to prepare ur Macbook for webdev

Install XAMPP:At first u have to download XAMPP for Mac OS X from this link and install as per their suggestion:
installing XDebug on Mac OS X’s default PHP installation:
1. You are going to need to  download the source code from the XDebug website. (I suggest into your “Downloads” folder to make the rest of the process easier.
2. Unzip the archive from the finder.
3. Open up the Terminal, paste the following command in and hit enter: cd ~/Downloads/xdebug-2.0.3/xdebug-2.0.3/
4. Do the same for this command: phpize
5. This one too: MACOSX_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET=10.5 CFLAGS=”-arch ppc -arch ppc64 -arch i386 -arch x86_64 -g -Os -pipe -no-cpp-precomp” CCFLAGS=”-arch ppc -arch ppc64 -arch i386 -arch x86_64 -g -Os -pipe” CXXFLAGS=”-arch ppc -arch ppc64 -arch i386 -arch x86_64 -g -Os -pipe” LDFLAGS=”-arch ppc -arch ppc64 -arch i386 -arch x86_64 -bind_at_load” ./configure –enable-xdebug
6. And finally this one: make
7. We have just compiled the xdebug module. We now need to copy the compiled file binary file into a place where PHP can find it. From the terminal (again) run the following command: cp modules/ /usr/lib/php/extensions/no-debug-non-zts-20060613/
8. Finally we need to edit the /etc/php.ini file so that PHP is aware of the new module. From the terminal run this command: open /etc/. This will open the /etc folder in the Finder allowing you to right-click on the php.ini file and open it in your preferred text-editor (TextEdit or TextMate for example).
9. At the very bottom of that file add the following:
xdebug.file_link_format = “txmt://open?url=file://%f&line=%l”
10. In the terminal, for the last time (I promise), run the command: apachectl restart or simply restart your computer.

Now for installation test create a PHP script with a pile of errors in it and you should see colourful error messages when run in a browser (as apposed to plain old black and white text). Or you can download something like MacGDBp – a native debugging application for the Mac.

Display images in CakePHP

Today I face a problem as a beginner of CakePHP …How can I display image button with link in Cake. I wanted to use images as my buttons to edit and delete records and  navigate the admin pages.

1. Have to use HTML Helpers Image and Link, and we shall combine this 2. The CakePHP link helper is a handy tool to create links in your application. Here is the basic syntax:

<?php echo $html->link(’help!’,’/help’); ?>

And there’s a helper for creating images, too:

<?php echo $html->image(’add.gif’); ?>

Show HTML code of the image as the link:

<?php echo $html->link($html->image(’add.gif’),’/customers/add’)?>

2. For Image,

$html->image(string $path, array $htmlAttributes, boolean $return = false);


$html->image(’/img/images/cancel.png’, array(’class’ => ’save_button’));
3. For Link, the Syntax:

$html->link(string $title, string $url, array $htmlAttributes, string $confirmMessage = false, boolean $escapeTitle = true, boolean $return = false);


$html->link(’SAVE’, ‘/registers’, array(), false, false, false);

4. So to make an image clickable,

<?php echo $html->link($html->image(’/img/images/cancel.png’,array(’class’ => ’save_button’)), ‘/registers’, array(), false, false, false); ?>

And the best code is:
<?php echo $html->link($html->image(’add.gif’),’/customers/add’,array(’escape’=>false))?>

Hope it will help you to save time.

Top sites in CakePHP

CakePHP is a rapid development framework for PHP that provides an extensible architecture for developing, maintaining, and deploying applications. Using commonly known design patterns like MVC and ORM within the convention over configuration paradigm, CakePHP reduces development costs and helps developers write less code. Wanna learn CakePHP…..You have to find best sites on it. Given below are some of them:

1. CakeForge: CakeForge is a free service provided to Open Source developers offering easy access to the best in SVN, mailing lists, bug tracking, message boards/forums, task management, site hosting, permanent file archival, full backups, and total web-based administration.

2. CakePHP :It is most popular site for download, install and learn CakePHP.

3. Cakebaker:a rich site on Cake to bake. Learning a new framework should help me to grow as a developer.

4. CakePHP Bakery: Here u find resources, articles and much more… dont miss it.

5. some tutorials on Cake.

6. Cake for Beginners: article on style sheets.

7. 21 Things I Learned About CakePHP: Its really a nice one to learning.

8. The CakePHP Framework: A SitePoint Tutorial:

Can know the CakePHP’s Approach to the MVC Architecture

9. Cake.Insert Design Here: its features are:

10. Moving To CakePHP: another resource on Cakephp.

Lets enjoy the tour….

Using Style sheets in CakePHP

Recently I’m start working with CakePHP for one of my official project ‘The Bangabhaban website’. This is my second local project. First one was ‘’ developed with CodeIgniter. I’m very happy to being developer of such a project. Lets happy starting.
I had to develop a template for demo purpose. here I discussed some CSS related problem solving tricks:
1. External Style Sheets: For access all images and style sheets you have to add following codes into .htaccess file.

RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f
RewriteRule ^(.*)$ – [L]

2. AssetHelper: is a great  helper for
CSS and JS compression. You can find it in .

3. CSS Tidy: is an opensource CSS parser and optimiser. CSSTidy has full CSS2 support and a higher reliability. Any way to configure the helper and/or CSS Tidy to just combine all of
my CSS files into one:

$this->settings[‘remove_bslash’] = false;
$this->settings[‘compress_colors’] = false;
$this->settings[‘compress_font-weight’] = false;
$this->settings[‘lowercase_s’] = false;
$this->settings[‘optimise_shorthands’] = 0;
$this->settings[‘remove_last_;’] = false;
$this->settings[‘case_properties’] = 0;
$this->settings[‘sort_properties’] = false;
$this->settings[‘sort_selectors’] = false;
$this->settings[‘merge_selectors’] = 0;
$this->settings[‘discard_invalid_properties’] = false;
$this->settings[‘css_level’] = ‘CSS2.1’;
$this->settings[‘preserve_css’] = true;
$this->settings[‘timestamp’] = false;

The website site

The site

In the governance of a country, it is very important in this age to be informed about the people who will be running the country and representing it. Shushashoner Jannoy Nagorik’s does exactly this. tracks all the information related to contesting politicians and makes it available to people of Bangladesh. This is an effort in the direction of reducing corruption by making use of technology for transparency. In the past, even the voter list was not available to the common people. Shujan made the voter list available through this web site. Hopefully, an improvement in the political solution may eventually encourage an environment for honest, competent and devoted persons to join the politics.


Democracy is a government of the people, for the people, by the people. But do we have a medium to turn this theory into a practical reality. The website has been developed for this purpose, to disseminate the personal information of the candidate who will contest in the local and national elections among the voters. Ironically, this effort is happening in Bangladesh. The information disseminated are educational qualification, criminal records (present and past), statements of assets and liabilities of candidates and dependents, profession, loan from bank and financial institutions, statement of income tax returns, source of election expenses, statement of actual election expenses etc. In addition, about 2,500 news published in the leading national dailies on corruption and criminalization made by politician, businessmen, government officials and others also posted in this site. It is being regularly updated.

Site link:

One of my projects won the Manthan Award 2008

Manthan Award 2008

Manthan Award 2008

Hi friends,

Hurrah! We have won the award. We deserved it. Its also a very good news for Bangladesh. One of my projects won the Manthan Award 2008 on E-Governance category. Bangladesh won five more awards- Roobon received more 2 awards on behalf of ankur and Unnayan TV. We had a big pavilion, hadn’t much logistics and not well furnished. Though we had a poor participation, we won 6 awards. It is really tremendous.

Roobon in the pavilion with Osama Manzar, the founder of Manthan

Roobon in the pavilion with Osama Manzar, the founder of Manthan

Address is:

Manthan Award 2008 News Links:

News in Gulf-Times

The Daily Star of Bangladesh

Prothom Alo

Unnayan News of Bangladesh

Financial News of Bangladesh

Award committee have posted some photos and description.

Posted a news in Techtunes

The Daily Ittefaq (IT page)- 24.10.2008
The Daily Sangbad (IT page)- 25.10.2008
The Daily Naya Diganta (IT Corner)- 25.10.2008
The Daily Amar Desh (IT corner)- 26.10.2008

For learn more please visit: