Tips for Mac user to capture screenshot

How many ways you can capture your screen using Mac OS X:
1.Command-Shift-3 allow u to capture the enter desktop as a PNG file on your desktop.
2.Command-Control-Shift-3 help you to copy the enter desktop screenshot placed on clipboard to paste into another program.
3. Command-Shift-4 allow you to capture screenshot of selected area.A cross-hair cursor will appear and you can click and drag to select the area you wish to capture.
4.To capture a specific application window, press Command-Shift-4, then press the Spacebar. The cursor will change to a camera, and you can move it around the screen. As you move the cursor over an application window, the window will be highlighted. The entire window does not need to be visible for you to capture it. When you have the cursor over a window you want to capture, just click the mouse button and the screen shot will be saved as a PNG file on your desktop. (The file is saved as PDF in Mac OS 10.3 and earlier.)
5. Add Control to the two shortcuts above to place the screen shot on the clipboard instead of saving it to the desktop.
6. Another method for capturing screen shots in Mac OS X is by using the bundled Apple utility, Grab, located in the Applications > Utilities folder. Grab is useful if you need to include a cursor or a menu in your screen shot, or if you want to save your screen shot to TIFF format. To include a cursor, first go to Grab Preferences and select the cursor icon you wish to have in your screen shot. To capture the screen with Grab, run Grab, then choose of the capture modes from the “Capture” menu: Selection, Window, Screen, Timed Screen.
7. When you choose the Selection mode in Grab, you can capture a specific region of the screen by dragging around it. Grab will display a tooltip showing the size of the region you have selected and the screen shot will open in a window when you release the mouse button. The cursor will not be included.
8. When you choose the Window mode in Grab, an instruction window will appear asking you to select the window you wish to capture, then click the “Choose Window” button. When you click the button, the instructions will disappear and the window you click ill be captured, including the mouse cursor at the position where you click (if a cursor was selected in Preferences).
9. When you choose the Screen mode in Grab, an instruction window will appear asking you to click the screen when you are ready to capture. The mouse cursor will be included in your screen shot at the position where you click (if a cursor was selected in Preferences).
10. When you choose the Timed Screen mode in Grab, an instruction window will appear, allowing you to prepare your screen for capture. When you are ready, press the “Start Timer” button and you will have ten seconds before the screen is captured. This allows you to open menus and sub-menus, if necessary. After ten seconds the entire screen will be captured. The mouse cursor will be included in your screen shot if a cursor was selected in Preferences.

Use UNITY for develop high performance 3D game in iPhone

3D game development platform for iPhone

iPhone developers can develop high performance 3D game easily for the iphone OS 3.0. Unity Technologies, which makes 3D game development tools has high-end 3D game programming platform for the iPhone /iPod Touch. Developers can download  Unity iPhone 1.5.1 from and install the setup. Also read their online documentation and start working.Over 325 games are already shipped.

Add a System Framework in iphone sdk project

To add a system framework like OpenAl.framework in your project follow the steps:
1. Go to Project menu->Add to project->now select framework.
2. framework path is:
System->developer->platform->iPhone Simulator->developer->SDKs-> iPhoneSimulator 2.2 sdk->System->Library->Frameworks
3. select OpenAL.framework and click Add button
4. again click Add button to add the framework in your project.

How set mod-rewrite on for your project in mac

Today while start working in an existing project which actually developed in windows, its all links are not working. So, first I have to set virtual host in leopard and place .htaccess file in my project root public_html folder. Then try to browse through all image buttons, but it didn’t work. We check mod-rewrite option, it didn’t works for our project. So I have to add following lines into /etc/httpd.conf file:

<Directory “/Applications/XAMPP/xamppfiles/htdocs/”>

Options FollowSymLinks
AllowOverride All
#Order deny,allow
#Deny from all


here is my project folder name. Now I can browse again through all buttons.

Places Where Submit iPhone App Free

You can submit your iPhone App with no cost in following sites:

It increase your marketing as well as downloads.

sqlite3 Framework path for iPhone

In leopard 10.5 while u have to work with sqlite3 database u need to add the framework library to ur iPhone project. The framework path for libSqlite3.0 dylib is:
System->developer->platform->iPhone Simulator->developer->SDKs-> iPhoneSimulator 2.2 sdk->user->lib->

MesaSQLite for working with sqlite3 in Macbook


MesaSQLite is a tool design for sqlite3 in Macbook as phpmyadmin works for mysql. MesaSQLite makes creating, designing, and altering an SQLite3 database easy. We also use it to edit, summarize, and analyze data for ourselves and clients. Although we build new databases most days, we spend more of our time viewing and editing data.MesaSQLite uses the SQLite3 database engine. Here is an overview of MesaSQLite features:
1. Connections
2. Structure
3. Viewing and Editing Content
4. Special Queries
5. Forerign Keys
6. Exporting and Importing Data
Mac OS X 10.2 or later